Security Token Exchange Operator DSTOQ Keen to Leverage æternity’s Oracles

DSTOQ, a stock exchange operator focused on security tokens, partnered with blockchain firm æternity to integrate its oracles, which are special tools that track real-world data and assets.

DSTOQ, a licensed and decentralized stock exchange for security tokens, is partnering with blockchain platform æternity, according to a press release seen by Cryptovest. DSTOQ intends to leverage æternity’s blockchain technology for its trading platform. æternity provides so-called oracles, which are tools that track data on real-world assets. DSTOQ clients will be able to better monitor financial data thanks to these oracles.

DSTOQ’s securities exchange, regulated in Vanuatu, enables peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of security tokens backed by company shares, bonds, and commodities like oil and gold. Besides, the exchange operator helps companies conduct Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) with security tokens, a process that DSTOQ calls Decentralized Public Offering (DPO).

Given that DSTOQ allows trading of a wide array of financial instruments, the integration of æternity’s oracles help clients streamline financial reporting processes and track real-world information. On the other side, DSTOQ investors will be able to make informed financial decisions and conclusions related to real-world assets, from company stocks to commodities.

DSTOQ co-founder Craig Mc Gregor stated:

 “I look forward to working closely with the æternity team in one of the most blockchain-friendly jurisdictions in the world, driving forward progressive regulation as evident in their newly proposed Blockchain Act.”

“We seek to make capital markets more accessible to as many individuals as possible by removing the intermediaries who often create artificial barriers. With æternity, we are at the forefront of the blockchain revolution and are empowering communities to contribute and reap the rewards,” he added.

In addition, under the current partnership, DSTOQ and æternity will jointly build a blockchain ecosystem in Liechtenstein to accelerate blockchain adoption and support educational initiatives. Liechtenstein is where æternity is headquartered, given the country’s blockchain-friendly environment.

æternity founder and CEO Yanislav Malahov commented on the deal with DSTOQ: “Together, æternity and DSTOQ share an enduring vision to bring blockchain to the masses. Our oracles are critical tools to provide investors with the real-world information they need to conduct everyday transactions.”