Save-Ideas Pty Ltd to Help Promote Innovation in Ethiopia

Save-Ideas Pty Ltd has concluded an agreement with Ethiopia’s government to provide assistance to local innovators.

On January 8, 2019, the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Save-Ideas Pty Ltd finalized an agreement enabling SaveIdeas to provide free services for the local innovators and researchers.

The document was signed by Professor Hazbo Skoko, founder and president of Save-Ideas Pty Ltd, and Dr. Shumetie Gizaw, State Minister for Innovation Development & Research at the Ministry of Innovation & Technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Save-Ideas Pty Ltd will provide assistance to innovative ideas presented at the Design Ethiopia contest. Specifically, it will register them, protect their intellectual property (IP), and promote them worldwide completely free of charge.

Commenting on the pact, Skoko noted that Ethiopia was the country where his company planned to open its African office.

Save-Ideas Pty Ltd is a fintech project that deploys cutting-edge blockchain technology to encourage innovations in all spheres of life. The company provides support to anyone with a creative idea but with no time, experience, or money to develop it and deal with patent offices. Save-Ideas Pty Ltd offers them the world’s first blockchain-based free service that handles such issues and attracts investors able to realize the idea.

All users have to do is to submit and upload their original idea or creative artwork. In return, they immediately get a Time Certificate, which is issued automatically and legally proves the ownership. Save-Ideas Pty Ltd believes such a free global platform will allow creative people to protect their IP, exchange ideas, and find customers or interested investors.

The initiative has already received its first feedback, notably from none other than Dr. Ing. Getahun Mekuria, Minister at the Ministry of Innovation & Technology.

In a Twitter post on January 12, he said that he was working on an analytical formula for the employment/GDP relationship in the economies of lower-income countries. He has registered this idea as an IP on the Save-Ideas Pty Ltd website and is awaiting comments from economists.

To learn more about the project, visit the official website or subscribe to its Twitter and Facebook channels.

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