Sapien Brings Disruptive Change to Social News Platforms Using Blockchain Technology

Sapien Network is a blockchain powered, democratized social news network which seeks to incentivize content creators and promote valuable contributions.

Since ancient times, people have been heavily invested in communities. While once the primary objective of human interaction was pure survival, nowadays we communicate for a number of reasons, ranging from fun to business. In recent times, the Internet has totally revolutionized the entire concept of social networks.

However, the democracy and freedom of the Internet are a double-edged sword. Unfortunately, modern social media sites have no effective way of controlling the quality of the content and identifying fake news, especially when it comes to the data generated by users. On the other hand, there’s also no effective mechanism that would allow rewarding users who create true value and high-quality content.

Sapien Network brings the change

In comes the Sapien Network - a highly customizable, privacy-focused, democratized social news platform that will incentivize content creators to deliver high-quality work and reward them for doing so.

To launch a more secure and transparent social network, Sapien will combine the undying human desire for interaction with the power of the blockchain - the cutting-edge technology for creating a distributed database secured through cryptography.

Sapien’s primary goal is to improve content quality and promote valuable contributions, which will become possible due to a Proof of Value consensus protocol. Users will be rewarded for creating high-quality content with SPN tokens - a flexible ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The contributions will be evaluated by all community members through the system of ratings and the accumulated reputation scores. Such a mechanism is expected to significantly limit trolling and fake news.

The creators and curators of truly valuable content will receive payouts in utility SPN tokens, which can be used afterwards to buy physical and virtual goods, content, and services enabled by Sapien’s reputation system.

Sapien ICO details

The project has a hard cap of $30 million in SPN tokens, which can then be exchanged for goods and services. Sapien’s pre-sale started on January 31, 2018, and will run until February 15 with a 20% - 45% bonus available. Notably, the project managed to raise about $12 million in two hours of its pre-sale, which is a stunning performance.

The total supply of SPN tokens is limited to 500 million, with only 215 million (45%) of them available for sale. Sapien’s crowdsale is in progress right now and ends on April 3, 2018. If you are interested in this ICO, you can visit the official website or subscribe to the project’s updates on Twitter and Telegram.