Roger Ver has done a lot for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, but his latest move showed he may be ready to do a bit too much. In a recent meeting with Shusong Ba, Chief Economist of the HK Stock Exchange, Ver offered the community to send BCH coins to Shusong Ba.

Granted, sending small gifts in BCH has been the practice for a long time. In PR moves, many have received a starter wallet with BCH in it, including college students.

However, the direct targeting of a high-profile public figure has unnerved some commenters, calling it bribery. But this has not stopped the community from sending small amounts of BCH, with 49 transactions and counting to the designated wallet, for a total of 0.212 BCH. At current prices, the donations may easily surpass $300.

BCH slumped somewhat in the past week, losing around 11% net in the past 7 days. The coin slid to $1,242.46.

This is not the first time that high-profile representatives of the financial establishment have been recruited for the community. Although slightly different, there was the case of Chris Giancarlo, chairman of the CTFC, who spoke supportive words about cryptocurrency.

Giancarlo continues to track the development of the sector, though the hype has subsided a bit.

Coins and projects have different approaches to popularization. But the latest trend aims at making more and more people interested by gifts and airdrops. Recently, BCH was distributed more widely by sending physical paper wallets with a small amount of BCH. The community aims to make BCH more widely available to serve as digital cash, an asset for spending instead of hoarding.

The move of Roger Ver thus proved quite different from the usual grass-roots approaches to popularizing Bitcoin Cash, by small airdrops, gifts, or flair giveaways.