Roger Ver Puts Bobby Lee on the Spot; Lee Agrees BCH Closer to Satoshi’s Whitepaper

Roger Ver asked Bobby Lee during his talk at the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise 2018, whether BTC is likely to bring freedom to the world or BCH.

BTCC co-founder and a prominent speaker at crypto conventions, Bobby Lee was speaking at the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise 2018 when he was questioned by Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver about BTC and BCH, and which of the two brings more freedom to the world.

The comparison between Bitcoin (BTC) (or Bitcoin Core as Bitcoin Cash proponents like to call it) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a long-standing debate, where BCH supporters, most notably Roger Ver, claim that it is the original Bitcoin, as envisioned by creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Seizing the opportunity, Roger Ver questioned Bobby Lee on the topic, saying:

“My question for you Bobby you think...right now the BTC version of Bitcoin they say they want it to be a digital store of value, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) version of Bitcoin wants to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for the world, which one of those versions of Bitcoin do you think is more likely to bring more freedom to the world, the digital store of value or peer-to-peer electronic cash system?”

Answering Roger, Bobby Lee said:

“Love that Roger is the perfect person to ask me that question, he is putting me on the spot, literally on the stage on the spot. So I’ll say that you’ve noticed that all through my presentation I’ve only said Bitcoin, I don’t say BTC specifically nor do I say BCH, or anything else. The reason is that in terms of BTC and BCH, they are both Bitcoin in my mind.

I purchased my Bitcoin before 2017, before the hard fork, so I own equal amounts of BTC and BCH, and it just happens that one today has a higher market value than the other, but it’s way too early, it’s way too early to sell, it’s way too early to give up on any Bitcoin. So to answer Roger’s question more specifically, I do think, in many ways, Bitcoin Cash is a truer ideal of Satoshi’s whitepaper.”

Bitcoin Cash supporters have long argued on these lines, saying that BCH embodies Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for Bitcoin, while BTC has strayed from that, and has become a store of value that does not help the unbanked or people in downtrodden regions of the world.

While the debate will continue to go on, it appears that Roger Ver has claimed a small victory by making Bobby Lee vote for BCH as the truer Bitcoin.