Rivetz Paves the Way For the Future of Mobile Security Protocols

The new cyber security solution, Dual Roots of Trust, will provide enhanced protection for private keys and other sensitive data, offering a shield to enterprises and end-users alike.


Cybersecurity breaches have become all too common in the digital age. Security professionals struggle to create practical solutions as more online avenues than ever are available for attackers to access your personal data, steal your identity and even take your money. The sophistication of attacks continues to evolve rapidly, and standard security solutions may not be enough to give you peace of mind.

Dual Roots of Trust, the latest innovation in mobile cybersecurity from Rivetz, utilizes blockchain technology and employs not one, but two roots of trust: the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the mobile carrier Security Identity Module (SIM). The TEE is a secure hardware chipset already built into millions of devices.

The beauty of the TEE and the SIM is they both already exist on most mobile platforms – and Rivetz enables us take advantage of their security features. The solution is the product of a collaboration between Rivetz and Telefonica announced earlier this year.

Explaining the technology behind Dual Roots of Trust, Rivetz’s whitepaper defines a root of trust as “a set of unconditionally trusted functions that consistently perform a set of security-specific operations in an expected and repeatable manner and are immune to a software attack and ideally most hardware attacks."

The idea is simple and genius: the user’s private keys are cryptographically distributed between the two roots (the TEE and the SIM), implementing both the existing protection layer of the mobile carrier global infrastructure and the advanced security features of the TEE provided by mobile device manufacturers.

If one root of trust were to be compromised, the attacker would have to break the other root to steal the private key. The solution provides users with incredible protection for private keys and other sensitive data across multiple devices.

Dual Roots of Trusts enables two points of security control both for enterprises and end-users. The SIM is guarded by the carrier, while the TEE is protected by the manufacturer. For enterprises, if an employee is terminated, the company can disable all company-related apps on the ex-employee’s personal phone. For end-users, if you lose your mobile phone, a simple call to the carrier disables your lost device. If your device is found, your carrier can easily reactivate your device.

"One of the most critical issues we face today is finding a balance between security and usability. We are proud to provide a seamless, built-in solution for decentralized mobile security,” said Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz.

About Rivetz

Rivetz technology and services aim to provide a safer and easier-to-use model for all users to protect their digital assets using hardware-based trusted execution technology. The device plays a critical role in automating security and enabling the controls that users need to produce high assurance data and benefit from modern services. Rivetz leverages state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools to develop a modern model for users and their devices to interact with services on the Internet. They were selected for Telecom Council's prestigious Innovation Showcase Class of 2018. Find out more at www.rivetz.com and follow Rivetz on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Telegram.

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