R3’s Corda Platform Now Available on Amazon Web Services

Consortium startup R3 launches its Corda DLT platform on Amazon Web Services marketplace.

Enterprise software firm R3 has launched its Corda Distribute Ledger Technology (DLT) platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it one of the very first DLT solutions available on the AWS marketplace, where users can build and deploy finance and commerce-related apps (CorDapps) on the platform.

The announcement comes just a week after AWS CEO Andy Jassy claimed the company was not interested in releasing blockchain-based services.

In a blog post announcing the launch, R3 CEO David E. Rutter said:

“Corda is a leading DLT platform for businesses and this announcement marks a significant milestone for enterprise-grade blockchain technology. Corda’s strength comes from its vibrant ecosystem of interoperable applications, and extending the pool of potential developers to the vast network of Amazon Web Services users will spark further innovation amongst businesses building innovative DLT apps for finance and commerce.”

Corda is a DLT solution designed to make business transactions seamless by allowing institutions to transact directly via smart contracts, all while ensuring privacy and security. 

R3 launched version 2.0 of Corda in October this year, which added functionality to the stable core API achieved in the first version– this means developers on AWS can build on Corda version 2.0 without fearing that any future amendments to the platform might adversely affect their work.

Corda is the result of a collaboration between R3 and its tech partners; the network working on developing CorDapps now comprises more than 60 companies from different industries and regions worldwide. 

R3’s wider consortium now has more than a hundred members including banks, financial institutions, and technology firms, among others. The startup is focused on pushing for wider adoption of the Corda platform – last month, R3 expanded its collaboration with Microsoft to integrate its Corda platform with Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.