QTUM Price Surges on Network Expansion

The QTUM Network grows in 2018 as it attracts ICO projects.

The QTUM project attracted attention with the latest strong recovery, adding up to 24% in 24 hours to stand just below $30. After the latest drop in prices, that position for QTUM is an encouraging bounce.

QTUM reached a peak at double the prices, near $60, but quickly slid. Yet this project is one of the hopefuls for 2018, as platforms alternative to Ethereum are expected to gain speed with ICOs.

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Yet the threat of a bear market has not abandoned traders, and QTUM may see further corrections. However, at this point, this is a reminder that the quality of a blockchain project also includes the features of the network. In the case of QTUM, the indicator is an increase in Proof-of-Stake nodes, especially on the Chinese map.

The size and density of the QTUM network are important, since many experts measure an asset's value based on the capacity of its blockchain, and the transactions processed. Building a network takes years, and despite the large number of digital assets, only a handful are truly decentralized and well-supported by a distributed network of mаchines.

The QTUM network also signals a robust global community, giving even more hopes on the project.

And lately, QTUM had additional publicity from launching a node on a Chinese satellite.

The aim of QTUM is to provide a lighter network that is able to link the blockchain more easily.

QTUM Price Risk

After CoinMarketCap started counting Korean prices again, the QTUM climb may become more visible. The most active QTUM trading happens on Korean exchanges Upbit and Bithumb.

For Western investors, QTUM is available through Bittrex, or possibly through Binance, once it resumes operations. But trading against BTC is much more limited for this asset, and is mostly driven by speculation. At this point, QTUM is still far from generating real demand for using the platform.