QTUM Announces Starbucks Partnership, Price Still Sinks

An upcoming Berlin meeting and potential partnerships are coming for QTUM, but the price is still falling, along with the general market sentiment.

The QTUM telegram group has seen an encouraging announcement, that the Starbucks chain would partner with the blockchain project. The exact nature of the partnership is still unknown. The other news coming from the project are an upcoming meet-up. 

QTUM was seen as one of the most promising projects for 2018, for being a complete platform and not merely a payment token. However, the recent days saw the QTUM market price caught in a downward spiral along with other digital assets.

The QTUM market price turned out to be extremely volatile at the new price range, although it has kept most of the gains, for now. 

The current risks of QTUM, beyond the general price volatility, include a recently released web wallet. While the wallet has been deemed safe by the QTUM Twitter account, web wallets are always a risk factor. A web wallet can be cloned and used in a phishing scam.

Also, the wallet's code itself needs more confirmations of safety, despite the GitHub project that has been endorsed by the QTUM Twitter account. Web wallets should always be approached with caution. 

QTUM was seen as a rival to projects like NEO. QTUM, however, aims to produce blockchain solutions for the business. QTUM is betting on well-managed, business-grade solutions. So far, the project's spike in prices has been mostly speculative, happening after the asset switched from an ERC-20 token into its own blockchain-based coin. 

But otherwise, the QTUM project has been quieter compared to NEO or other platforms. 

The main price driver for QTUM is Korean trading. This factor has led to the rapid depreciation, as Korean regulators are not abating on the talks of a crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and investing. For now, it is uncertain how QTUM trading would be affected in the longer run. 

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