Poloniex Invites TRON-Based Projects

The exchange is turning into one of the hubs supportive of the TRON ecosystem after acquiring TRXMarket and rebranding it as Polonex DEX.

The Poloniex exchange, which recently switched to a fully international business, is revamping its asset selection. After a long series of delistings, Poloniex may open its market for a new generation of digital tokens.

The exchange has invited TRON-based token projects for listings in a recent tweet.


The status update arrived a few days after Poloniex deleted a similar tweet in support of the TRON ecosystem. At this point, it is unknown which tokens will be listed. The TRON project has already promoted some of the flagship tokens, such as BitTorrent Token (BTT), as well as WINk (WIN).

Justin Sun, TRON’s co-founder, greeted the news.


Poloniex has also announced its readiness to support the TRON network, by aiming to become a Super Representative.

The new assets may come from the Poloniex DEX, the decentralized exchange under the Poloniex brand. PoloniDEX is the rebranding of TRXMarket, an exchange dedicated to TRC-20 tokens. The acquisition happened at the end of November, and poloniex.org is already functioning.


It is uncertain if the DEX and Poloniex would list the newly mined DDOS token. The asset, which consumes TRON resources, already has more than 60 million tokens, with “whales” already holding a few million each.

Still, the listing pre-announcement is not promising any results or liquidity. The Poloniex exchange shed its volumes, as altcoin speculation diminished, and multiple assets were delisted from the US market.

The TRX market price also slid by another 6% as the market turned red, and is down to $0.14. While the TRON project expands with constant account growth, the asset’s price remains depressed.

The BTT market price is also down, erasing more than 50% in the past weeks to $0.000303. WIN sank to $0.000099. At those rock-bottom prices, the tokens may allow speculation, though the risk may discourage investors. Still, TRON accounts are growing each day, with above 4.2 million users registered.

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