Podcaster Pete McCormack Faces Decision on Lawsuit Against Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright has decided to sue the podcaster for libel, while continuing to defend the claims that he is the creator of Bitcoin.

Dr. Craig Wright has struck out with another lawsuit, this time against podcaster Pete McCormack. Dr. Peter McCormack explained his debacle in a lengthy Twitter thread:


He has warned against fundraising for the case, and has thought about representing himself.

Wright, in the meantime, is busy using the law to prove his point. Earlier, he secured his claims to authorship of the Bitcoin white paper. However, this is far from indisputable evidence that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. McCormack has also stated that he does not believe the claims, and he is not willing to admit that the Bitcoin SV (BSV) project is the de facto Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV has a mixed reputation, with a dedicated and vocal community on one side, and multiple critics against them. Recently, the hype surrounding BSV boosted the price by 100% in hours. However, the extremely volatile price fluctuated from $275 down to $224, with a still uncertain direction.

McCormack is also close to Twitter personality @hodlonaut, who has also been attacked by the Bitcoin SV community. So far, the attempts to reveal the real personality of @hodlonaut have failed, but he has also been threatened with a lawsuit for criticizing Wright. It was precisely the Hodlonaut attacks that caused Binance to delist BSV, followed by Kraken and ShapeShift.

But Wright’s claims remain as vocal as ever, even after abandoning Twitter for a Medium blog and a new website. Wright, who is also the chief scientist of nChain, has continued to offer claims to actually owning the early BTC coins. Paradoxically, Wright both claims he has significant BTC holdings, but also claims to be able to crash the price of BTC and boost BSV, if he chose.  

The libel claim against McCormack is for 100,000 GBP. Currently, the most notable lawsuit is between Wright and the estate of Dave Kleiman. Within the context of this lawsuit, Wright is attempting to also present evidence he is the real creator of Bitcoin.

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