Õpet Foundation Levels the Playing Field in Education

Nikita Sachdev from Cryptovest speaks with Wilson Wang, Founder and CEO of Õpet and Õpet Foundation about how decentralized technologies can level inequality in education.

Õpet Foundation is an educational platform on blockchain designed to assist young people in making make an informed choice regarding the higher education institution that meets their talents, needs, and aspirations, and provide them with a customized learning experience to get better grades during crucial exams.

Speaking about the grand vision of the company, Mr. Wilson Wang said:

"What we are trying to do here is to bring blockchain technologies, AI technologies and chatbot technologies into the education space to really advance our vision of promoting a global education inclusion and thereby enabling education opportunities for everyone in the world."

Apart from that, the Õpet Foundation system will reduce the paperwork required for making an application to various educational institutions by taking all the documents to the ledger. Once all diplomas, certificates, and testimonies, are stored in the ledger, students will only have to provide admission offices with a hash where all their records are stored.

Further down the road, employees, institutions, and colleges will be able to access the verified paperless data about a student’s educational experience, which in turn will unlock wider employment and educational opportunities, thus leveling the playing field for students from developing countries.

Moreover, the platform features an adaptive recommendation engine similar to those found on YouTube, Netflix, Spotify. The AI-based system takes into account the records provided by the students to recommend global university options. 

"Currently, most of the students apply to the local universities, local colleges, but we don't believe that a teenagers' options should be limited just to those options," - Wilson Wang adds.

Instead of targeting the bureaucracy of educational institutions and forcing them to adopt the system, Õpet Foundation addresses the problems of students, by offering them personalized college and university recommendations and providing digital tutoring via chatbot technologies for a nominal monthly subscription fee.

Powered by AI and machine learning, the chatbot will give students personalized support to suit their needs and learning curves.

Admittedly, it takes time to learn the curriculum of national universities to be able to analyze the information and supply the students with relevant recommendations. Õpet Foundation has started with the UK as the first target market and with a plan for global expansion once the system is tested and approved on a smaller market. 

"We wanted to target the UK first, to learn their curriculum and then expanding outside will become a lot easier. In fact, we want to uberize our global expansion very fast," Wang added.

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