Perlin IEO Ticket Claim Approaches

The next Binance IEO arrives with stricter rules on Binance Coin (BNB) balances.

The Perlin (PERL) token sale is going through its preliminary period, with three more days of snapshots before the ticket claim date. Binance Coin (BNB) holders need to top up their Binance Exchange balances, to be able to claim participation tickets for the next IEO on the exchange.

The PERL token sale price will be $0.077 in the BNB session. The tokens for those that hold winning tickets will be distributed on August 26. A day later, an airdrop of 3,874,500 PERL worth roughly $300,000 will be available for those that bought non-winning tickets.

Perlin is a unique network promising to use a graph structure for its consensus, similar to the models of IOTA or NANO. The project will also allow forms of staking to secure the network. Perlin aims to become a high-capacity network for smart contracts and to serve as a platform to developers. The Perlin protocol is unique in that it will not require a central authority to achieve consensus.

IEOs remain some of the most attractive short-term investments, though with a high level of risk. Most IEOs have shown that the first days of trading lead to an immediate price crash, and only a handful of tokens recover.

The IEO holding periods are also proving beneficial for the market price of BNB. BNB currently hovers around $28.13, but the last ten days for locking in some of the BNB may have helped the price avoid a deeper sell-off. BNB is still one of the best-performing assets in 2019, boosted by its participation in base pairs, as well as inflows from Tether (USDT).

The latest Binance IEO, of WINk (WIN), was less of a success. The WIN asset now hovers with a price of 3 Satoshi, though sell-offs seem to have stopped. The IEO raised doubts about its gambling-related product.

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