Making The Internet A Better And Safer Place

This project is creating a platform to solve the most burning issues on today’s internet.


The internet has offered people great opportunities but also presented significant challenges. It has become a dangerous place where people's privacy is violated by tracking and collecting users' confidential information and their everyday browsing activity, and then using it for personalized marketing in the form of various banners, or even annoying huge pop-ups forcing the user to perform a certain action to get rid of it.

Moreover, with modern technological advances, such ads often have hidden mining scripts or sophisticated malware, so clicking on them might threaten users' devices. aims to stop this invasion of privacy and make the Internet secure, non-trackable and ad-free. To address these issues, the team behind the project is developing a decentralized, blockchain-based platform designed to safeguard users' rights to privacy and make their browsing experience faster and friendlier. is powered by Ethereum and thus provides better data protection, full transparency, and accountability for all transactions on the public blockchain. will offer a set of tools aiming to deal with these critical privacy issues:

  • Adblocker to stop annoying ads and thus increase browsing speed
  • Antivirus software to sift out hidden malicious software and adware, and enhance security while downloading files from the Internet
  • Tracking script blocker to facilitate anonymous browsing and protect users' privacy and personal data

The platform functionality and services will be available to users through extensions designed for all primary desktop and mobile browsers, and including the ad blocker, tracking script blocker, antivirus and a built-in wallet.

Also, the platform will have an integrated voting system enabling users to evaluate and rate sites based on their personal experience. This will provide an objective assessment of the quality and trustworthiness of the website and influence their traffic, which should incentivize sites to treat their users better. ICO details

The main token that will power the ecosystem is OIO, its Ethereum ERC20 token. The pre-sale was launched on June 15, while the main public sale starts on July 10. There are a variety of bonuses during the event, which is scheduled to close on July 31, 2018. All in all, the total supply of OIO tokens is limited to 2.5 billion, while only 70% of them are available for sale and distribution to the community.

The exchange rate of 1 OIO during the ICO is set as 0.04 USD. The project developers hope to reach a hard cap of USD 50 million. Please note that all unsold tokens will be burned to protect OIO value.

For further information, visit the official website or subscribe to the project's updates on Twitter and Telegram.