Omnitude Seeks to Revolutionize eCommerce Using Hyperledger Architecture

Omnitude Token sale aims to use blockchain technology to make online marketplaces more transparent and prevent fraud.

People love buying new stuff, and the internet has erased boundaries by offering everyone the opportunity to shop not only locally but globally. This new age of online shopping has spawned the international eCommerce business, which is enormous and  also very complicated due to the involvement of multiple industries and activities.

The need for an efficient integration of customers, retailers, manufacturers, bankers, and carriers using different business ecosystems and technologies represents a mighty challenge for the global eCommerce industry. Besides, whenever online payments are involved, there arises the acute problem of high transaction fees, transparency, security, and fraud prevention.

Omnitude offers the solution

This is where Omnitude comes in with its idea to create a comprehensive blockchain-based platform that will unite customers, retailers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs within a single ecosystem.

The best thing about the proposed solution is that it can be used in parallel with existing infrastructure systems and solutions in eCommerce and the supply chain. The companies won’t have to replace them to ensure a high level of compatibility. This will facilitate the transition process and attract more users to the system.

Additionally, Omnitude will be built using the open-source Hyperledger platform, and will utilise its blockchain services to make the manufacturing and supply chains more transparent and significantly reduce fraud in eCommerce. As a result, the online retail marketplace will become safer, both for businesses and customers.

While merchants will need ECOM tokens to participate in the system and pay for Omnitude services, customers will be able to use other cryptocurrencies and fiat money along with ECOM tokens to purchase goods and services.

Omnitude Token sale details

The Omnitude pre-sale started on January 30, 2018, and will last until February 2, 2018. During this period, the project aims to sell 10 million ECOM and raise $4 million. The total supply of ECOM tokens is limited to 100 million, with only 55% of them available for sale (including 5% offered in pre-sale). They are being sold at $0.40 an ECOM token.

The Omnitude public token sale is scheduled for Q1, and if you're interested in the project, you can register to be notified for the sale via their official site, or subscribe for updates on Twitter and Telegram.