NXT just took off with a major pump, following an official announcement from Bittrex, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, confirming their support for the upcoming IGNIS tokens airdrop.

Last week we wrote about NXT gearing up to take off ahead of the IGNIS airdrop, announced by Jelurida, the group of developers behind the NXT and Ardor projects.

For those who are just joining in, Jelurida will be airdropping IGNIS tokens (the first Ardor child-chain) to all NXT holders in a 1:0.5 ratio, which means for every two NXT you hold, you will receive 1 free IGNIS.

The official date for the snapshot is December 28, 2017, at which time any NXT held by you will be recorded for airdrop rewards. NXT, which had been trading around $0.06, went up to $0.80 after the announcement, but there was no clarity whether any of the popular exchanges would be supporting the airdrop.

Now, with Bittrex having confirmed support in an official Tweet, real FOMO (fear of missing out) has set in, as buyers scramble to get NXT, because now they can simply hold their tokens in Bittrex (as opposed to the official NXT wallet) and get the airdropped IGNIS.

However, such trades should be made with a complete understanding of the risks, particularly because the price action in such scenarios is heavily manipulated by large buyers and sellers, and it won’t be surprising to see major price swings leading up to 28 December.

Moreover, a lot of the traders entering at this point will be looking for a quick profit rather than the actual airdrop, and we can expect a major sell-off before the snapshot or (almost certainly) right after it.

In either case, we advise all readers to be responsible in their investments and remember that crypto markets are extremely volatile. Over-extending yourself and running blindly into trades is a sure way to lose money. Finally, it goes without saying, please don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.