NEXT BLOCK Heads to Portugal with Property Evolution Forum

The cryptocurrency community will meet in the Portuguese capital on November 9 to discuss the evolution of property as inspired by blockchain technologies.

Organized by Krypton Events, the NEXT BLOCK conference in Lisbon will capitalize on the roaring success of the two predecessor events held earlier this year in the capitals of Ukraine and Bulgaria, Kiev and Sofia. NEXT BLOCK has so far provided an excellent show, bringing together cryptocurrency visionaries, industry experts, analysts and blockchain company CEOs.

Krypton Capital, which recently moved its headquarters from Ukraine to Malta, attended the Delta Summit in Malta - a milestone event both for the Island and the blockchain industry as a whole. As part of this vibrant ecosystem, Krypton Capital aims to encourage efforts to promote blockchain real-life use cases as well as inspire in-depth discussions and best practice sharing among industry participants.

The NEXT BLOCK discussions will revolve around the property market and the ways it can be improved with blockchain technologies. Originally focused on solutions for facilitating online payments, the blockchain industry has progressed to the more complex ideas of tokenized assets and ownership rights. Blockchain startups need to keep abreast of the new trends so that they can offer meaningful solutions within the framework of a constantly evolving property sector.

The discussions in Lisbon will include topics such as:

  • Blockchain for tokenized assets and asset-backed tokens;
  • Regulatory insights into STOs and TAOs and key distinctions among countries;
  • Ways of mitigating volatility and scalability issues when tokenizing shares and bonds.

This is an industry event perfect for those who seek an environment where educational and business opportunities blend. Grab the chance to get tickets to NEXT BLOCK with a lucrative early bird discount while it is still available!

Visit the official website to get more information about the conference and purchase tickets.