New Type of Crypto Scam Spreads on Twitter

For now, the accounts of Charlie Lee and the NEO platform have been attacked.

Send in a fraction of a coin to a certain address, and you would receive 10 times the amount. This proposal has been spreading around Twitter, coming in from fake accounts. For now, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, as well as the NEO platform have notified the social network of the scam.

Coin giveaways are a staple on Twitter, usually done to popularize a project. But giveaways do not ask for a crypto payment beforehand.

A similar offer was seen for TRON (TRX), donating 1 million tokens, but requiring funds to a certain address.

The scammers are blocking the official accounts and remain unseen, and also switch accounts often.

The accounts targeted belong to prominent projects, or "crypto-celebrities", so it's best to be aware about similar messages coming in from the likes of Vitalik Buterin. Most likely, the prominent crypto experts would not be dealing with multiplying money by 10 times.

Fortunately, not a single transaction was sent to the wallet address

(0x956046fBbb1c3dbDB674AB5aAC7ff0e3704C5C21) distributed by the fake Vitalik Buterin account.

A while ago, the John McAfee Twitter was first cloned, then hacked, posting fake "coin of the day" messages. Twitter is immensely influential in the crypto community, yet users are hopefully seeing through the scheme.

In the case of McAfee, a dedicated website was created to list the spoof accounts and their outlandish claims.

In the past, dedicated sites offered to multiply Bitcoin, but those were quickly blacklisted.

Experty ICO by Bitcoin Suisse Caused Losses by Phishing Scam

In the past days, scam ICOs abandoning users have surfaced once again. The one, Prodeum, turned out to be harmless, but a larger project, Benebit, managed to take away more funds from backers. The project fell apart when users signaled the ICO page was using stolen images from a school website.