New Satoshi Nakamoto Pretender Shows Up at Las Vegas Event

Jörg Molt styles himself “Bitcoin co-founder”, though he has not targeted the crypto social media directly.

A new, rather charismatic claimant to the fame of Satoshi Nakamoto surfaced during a Las Vegas blockchain event. Jörg Molt, at best a serial Internet entrepreneur, appeared together with crypto luminaries, including Andreas Antonopoulos.

Molt claimed he was looking for investment opportunities to place his whooping wealth of 250,000 BTC. Antonopoulos brought down the claims, suggesting Molt was nowhere near being the creator of BTC.

In the past few years, multiple claimants surfaced, with wildly varying stories. Craig Wright, who is now involved with Bitcoin SV (BSV), seems to keep the highest profile. Wright is in the public’s eye due to an ongoing lawsuit against the estate of David Kleiman.

What is curious is that some of the claims suggest Nakamoto was a sole inventor, while others held the version that Bitcoin was built by a group of developers. Wright considers himself the sole creator of the Bitcoin protocol.

Mr. Bilal Khalid, another claimant, stated that he only invented the idea, and the actual code was written with the help of cryptography experts, including Hal Finney.

But Molt is the first claimant that has directly used his reputation to ask random people for investments. The Satoshi School site is still operational, offering BitCoin [sic] basics courses. In linked media in the German version, Molt is sometimes presented as “the Bitcoin Pope”.

The most recent bout of fame made Molt abandon his Twitter account, to cut down the attacks. Every new claim that the real Satoshi Nakamoto has been found was met with extreme skepticism.

The last couple of years saw an increasing number of such claims, as Bitcoin rose to record highs and managed to keep rather high prices. But then, there was talk that Bitcoin did not scale, or that it did not perform in accordance with the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper.

Some fixed this problem by creating altcoins. Others went on to fork Bitcoin. And Craig Wright went on to claim that he is restarting Bitcoin, this time in the guise of Bitcoin SV. Wright has also promised to use his BTC stash and bring down the market price in 2020.

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