New CCID Ranking Again Puts EOS on Top

TRON remains in the top 3, according to the latest edition of the CCID ranking of blockchains.

The latest edition of the CCID ranking of blockchains by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology once again puts EOS at the top. Ethereum (ETH) remains second, and TRON (TRX) completes the top 3, sinking down by one position. The ranking, one of the few charts estimating the value and innovation of blockchains, offers a glimpse into how China sees some of the leading projects.

The fifteenth edition of the index, however, clashes with a recent reassessment of Weiss Crypto Ratings. The ratings agency recently downgraded EOS from B to C-, after discovering significant centralization among block producers.

The CCID ranking, for now, does not deal with the nature of networks and potential centralization. TRON carries similar features to EOS, and according to critics is also relatively centralized.

TRON Super Representatives and delegates can, in theory, have enough voting power to keep reelecting each other. In the case of EOS, large-scale accounts can also define the composition of the 21 block producer list.

After the news, the top assets remained relatively stagnant. EOS traded at $2.72, almost unchanged in the past days. ETH hovered around $150. TRX is down to $0.014, and slid to position 13 based on market capitalization, further distancing itself from the top 10 of coins.

Ranking the actual performance and value remains difficult, as most platforms are still relatively new. Just years from launching, most flaws can be ascribed to initial glitches. However, skeptics see some of the leading networks as promising too much and not delivering.

There are also problems with real versus reported volumes, as networks like TRON and EOS can, in theory, can generate volumes without real users. What is curious is that the CCID chart rates BitShares one position above Bitcoin (BTC). The BitShares network is a predecessor of EOS, and has also been accused of generating faked volumes.

Altcoins are once again viewed with suspicion, while allowing some opportunity for prices to pick up again. For now, only a small selection of assets has sufficient liquidity to rally.

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