Neufund, Ledger Team Up to Store Real-World Assets on Blockchain

Neufund, which plans to launch an STO on December 9, has partnered with one of the leading producers of hardware wallets.

Berlin-based tokenization service platform Neufund has struck up a partnership with hardware wallet producer Ledger to ensure the safety of digital assets, the companies told Cryptovest in an emailed statement. Neufund plans to launch its own security token offering (STO) on December 9, and the partnership will support the technical side of the sale.

Neufund aims to offer end-to-end services for security tokenization, and options for storage are a key element in the adoption of cryptographic tokens to represent securities.

“Currently, Ledger’s hardware wallets are the safest way to set up and manage investments conducted through Neufund’s set of protocols. With operations in the 7-9 digit (€) range, security becomes the top priority. Enabling investors to manage their ERC-20 based equity tokens directly from a desktop app will disrupt the way we interact with our crypto assets” Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz said.

In the past, large-scale Neufund investors have received special edition Nano-S hardware wallets. The added layer of security is highly important for STOs to gain mainstream attention. ERC-20 tokens are accessible through other wallets, but phishing and private key theft may mean significant losses.

“We are excited about today’s announcement. It marks a new, important chapter in bringing security tokens to the Ledger platforms. We are thrilled to be joined at this frontier by Neufund, a leader in securities tokenization and issuance,” Ledger CEO Eric Larchev ê que added.

The minimum contribution from investors in the Neufund STO is set at 100,000 euro due to requirements imposed by the German financial regulator. The move opens the doors to building a platform not only for the Neufund tokens but also for other projects aiming to create the next crop of fully transparent, curated STOs.

Recently, European security tokens platform Extauri launched its activity, and another project, DESICO, finished the first round of its token offering, selling a digital asset compliant with security laws.

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