NEM (XEM) Project Seeks New Leaders

The NEM project reshuffles its foundation leadership, focuses on expansion of business partnerships and reaching out to startups.

NEM (XEM) remains a relatively low-priced asset that may wait a while until the next time the price spikes. At the moment, XEM hovers around $0.24, and the platform is doing the legwork in popularizing its technology and finding business use cases.

As part of the growth plan, the NEM Foundation, an entity dedicated to spreading knowledge about the project, will reshuffle its leadership. Kristof Van de Reck will be interim president of the foundation, while the current leaders move on to advisory roles:

“Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald will be moving from their positions on the Foundation and shifting to advisory roles,” announced the Foundation.

The former foundation chiefs will be in charge of business partnerships and seeking opportunities with startups:

“The NEM ecosystem is thriving and by moving to advisory roles, Lon and Jeff can dedicate more time to developing strong system integrators — a critically underserved piece of NEM’s ecosystem.”

And in 2018, NEM finally has the tool to bring about usage and success. The Catapult developer platform was launched on March 25, after two long years of speculation and waiting. Now, NEM is seen as one of the strong competitors of Ethereum, although the platform has never expressed outright plans to challenge the leading platform.

At the moment, NEM lines up with Stellar as one of the lower-priced assets linked to a platform. Unfortunately, for now, even promising platforms share the fate of altcoins and their price is depressed against Bitcoin. NEM has spent years with a much lower market price for its digital asset, and it has achieved gains both in acceptance and trading volumes. But there is no certainty that the slide of 2018 is about to stop and turn to new gains.

NEM has warned of overheating prices after it reached $0.50, and in general the Foundation never talked openly about price appreciation. However, the organization boasts of a growing list of projects and applications. The price of the XEM digital asset also remains largely unaffected by the recent news of a potential Coincheck takeover.