NEM Digital Assets to Integrate with Trezor Hardware Walle Foundation and SatoshiLabs have struck a partnership to integrate the latter’s Trezor hardware wallet with the NEM blockchain. Foundation, the group behind the NEM blockchain project and cryptocurrency, has partnered with SatoshiLabs, the developer of hardware wallet service Trezor, with the goal of integrating the wallet into the NEM system. 

XEM owners will soon be able to access NEM’s Nanowallet by signing in via Trezor. The token will become the 12th cryptocurrency supported by Trezor, along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash. Besides XEM, the hardware wallet will support other assets built on the NEM blockchain. Foundation president Lon Wong said that the NEM community includes some of the most well-informed crypto investors, which has helped the system become user-friendly. Commenting on the integration with Trezor, Wong said:

“We’re confident our integration with Trezor will provide enhanced security in which the NEM ecosystem can continue to grow.”

Trezor has already published a blog post explaining the necessary steps to access the NEM Nanowallet. Foundation is a Singapore-based organization that aims to promote the NEM blockchain by educating investors across the globe about it. NEM’s token, XEM, currently ranks at number nine among the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with $9.4 billion. This month, XEM has gained over 350% and now fluctuates around $1.04. 

At present, XEM is listed on several large crypto exchanges, including Bittrex, Poloniex, Hitbtc, and Yobit. XEM/BTC transactions carried out on Bittrex have a 48% share of all the transactions involving XEM on all exchanges.  

The NEM blockchain is used by several reputable companies operating in the financial industry. 

Trezor is among the most trusted hardware wallet products, offering secure conditions for holding the private keys. Hardware wallets are less vulnerable to hacker attacks. 

Earlier, we reported that NEM’s token was to be listed on CoinRoom – a South Korea-based crypto exchange provided by fintech company MetaPlus. However, we could not find XEM listed on the exchange.