Nearly Quarter of Crypto Investors Suffer Heavy Losses in September: Survey

In its latest monthly report on the blockchain industry, OK Blockchain Capital reveals September to have been a poor month for the crypto market.

OK Blockchain Capital, a strategic partner of OKEx, published its September Blockchain Industry Report last week, revealing a bleak month for investors and traders in the crypto space. The survey showed that almost a quarter of market participants sustained “large losses” last month.

The digital assets market continued in a bear streak, with regulatory issues worldwide remaining the source of concern for participants. Nevertheless, September was quite a busy month, and trading volumes bounced strongly at the end of the month, according to the report.

The latest monthly sentiment report is based on the results of a survey conducted among 212 industry participants, who were asked about their income and expectations for next month and the next two quarters, among other questions.

According to the results, returns in the blockchain industry left much to be desired in September. About 25.5% of investors suffered “small losses”, 23.6% “large losses,” and 24.5% finished the month “essentially flat.” Only 3.3% of the crypto market participants reported “large gains,” while about 5.19% preferred to stay out of the market in September.

Nevertheless, over 69% of investors remained bullish on digital assets, believing that market prices will rise in next six months.

As for the most popular cryptocurrency holdings, the top three were Bitcoin (BTC), EOS, and Ethereum (ETH. Almost 43% of investors opted for other platform tokens, which proved to be the main investment area (57.08%). Other popular investment segments in September included gaming (37.26%), Internet of Things (33.96%), social media (19.81%), and finance (18.4%).

The survey also showed that the average global daily crypto market capitalization declined again in September (down 10.27% month-on-month) after a downbeat August, but trading volume managed to rebound by the end of the month, rising by 5.15%.

The blockchain industry “buzzwords” in September were the delay of the Ethereum “Difficulty Bomb,” stablecoins, Bitcoin mining machines, and Bitmain. Industry participants also kept a close eye on the regulatory situation worldwide, including Iran’s approval of a new crypto mining law, Bank of India’s move to cancel the local cryptocurrency ban, and regulatory developments in Japan, the US, and Russia.