NANO (XRB) was an extremely active digital asset, which seems to have fallen asleep in recent weeks. XRB grew slightly to $6.07, as activity seems to be picking up. The project has been slow on news, and the price movements are much tamer compared to the time when the asset moved from a price of a few cents to $36 in less than a month.


XRB returned from a rapid slide to a period of almost flat prices both in dollar terms and against BTC. But as altcoins pick up the pace, it is possible that XRB sees heightened interest.

At this point, it is possible that XRB trading is subdued due to exchange troubles. The still relatively young network is having technical problems, and for now, exchange wallets have been closed.

Additionally, after the BitGrail heist, XRB has suffered a loss of trust. Beyond being a promising digital asset for everyday use, XRB also has to prove itself as secure. At the moment, the BitGrail case is still unresolved, and users are seeking court action to reclaim the losses.

The NANO Foundation has opened a fund for legal resort of the BitGrail victims, but at this point, it is unknown what the effect of the investigation and lawsuit would be.

At the same time, XRB has a small fiat on-ramp on, where the asset can be bought with USD, EUR, or GBP. The Nanex exchange keeps increasing its volumes, and is rather active in trading Bitcoin Private (BTCP), the unfortunate hard fork which had troubles finding listings. BTCP/NANO volumes have grown to above $150,000, or around 5,800 BTCP.

Curiously, users are having trouble trusting the official NANO wallet on the Android store. At the moment, there are no reports of scams or fake wallets. However, the official wallet is still in beta version, and storing XRB is still relatively risky.

There are still no official hints of listing XRB on Binance, a goal that has been expected by the community, but so far has not materialized.