NANO (NANO) Marks Addition to Blocktivity Roster by Outstripping Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The network continues to improve, increasing its number of daily transactions.

NANO (NANO) lined up above some leading coins on Blocktivity after being added to the tracking service that compares transaction levels for a number of prominent crypto assets.

Surprisingly, NANO currently carries more transactions than older or larger networks, outpacing Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero (XMR), and ZCash (ZEC). NANO has claimed the number 10 spot amid cheers from the community.

DogeCoin (DOGE) still ranks ahead of NANO, whose Reddit community remained skeptical of transaction levels. Blocktivity reflects all activity, and projects like BitShares and EOS have been accused of boosting their positions with spam transactions.

In the past week, NANO had an average of 21,103 transactions per day compared to a record of 35,894 for the network. The asset saw a marked increase in its trading activity in September. Last week, it announced the release of an update of the latest version and the addition of the VoteByHash functionality.

Users are urged to download Nano Node 16 - a wallet and node version for developers – as soon as possible. NANO also has a full portfolio of projects, offering an online wallet plus mobile and desktop versions.

The market price is currently set almost entirely by Binance, with NANO/BTC being the most active pair. Previous node problems and withdrawal blockages caused loss of trust with exchanges, especially after the BitGrail hack.

NANO’s price was around $2.44 as of 11:00 UTC on Monday. The coin has a price anomaly on HitBTC, trading as high as $3.70, and presents an arbitrage opportunity.

The possible trades are in Satoshi prices as NANO has no significant dollar-like positions, with no discernible effect from pairings with Tether (USDT). Over the past few days, the HitBTC premium has continued to grow.

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