ModulTrade Opens the World of Trading to Small Business

The ICO, already filling its minimum soft cap, offers a viable product to help small business trade freely without restrictions.

ModulTrade aims to remove the barriers of entry into global asset trading, opening the doors for small and medium enterprises. The approach of ModulTrade has four key components: blockchain-based smart contracts, an already functioning trading platform, an up and growing reputation network and marketplaces for various assets.

ModulTrade is here to remove the barriers and lower the fees levied by investment intermediaries and banks, and produce a more democratic system of global trading for any-size companies.

"The way we are building the ModulTrade platform means that any user, from anywhere in the world, at any time, will be able to monitor and review their own trade cycle. There are 400mln MSMEs worldwide, and 56% of these have their finance proposals rejected compared to only 7% of larger companies. This is a massive discrepancy, and ModulTrade’s Value Eco-system (MVE) aims to narrow this gap considerably," noted the project's founder and CEO, Evgeny Kaplin.

In addition to running a successful trading platform, the ModulTrade ICO is already gaining speed. More than 5.7 million MTRc coins have been sold in a pre-sale, with a nominal value of 8,196 Ethereum. The ICO is ongoing, with funds accepted in Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as fiat for larger investors backing the sale with more than $10,000.

The reputation of ModulTrade precedes its ICO, with high grades and accolades from reviewing companies. ICO Bench has given the project a 4.4 high rating, while ICORating has given a "Low" risk rating. CIO Review has lined up ModulTrade as a Top 20 Blockchain Startup in 2017.

ModulTrade will emulate letters of credit and bank guarantees through Ethereum-based smart contracts, thus achieving a real-life application of the power of the blockchain.

The ModulTrade token sale event is in Phase 3 right now, offering a 10% discount off the token price at 700 MTRc for 1 ETH. Phase 3 continues until January 8.