Module’s MODL Token Presale Kicks Off with 7% Bonus

Mobile cloud solutions and blockchain projects company Module is starting presale of its utility token MODL.


Module, a company providing mobile solutions for cloud storage and blockchain development projects, will launch a presale for its utility token MODL on July 16. Presale participants will be offered a 7% purchase bonus before the public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) begins. The price for one MODL stands at $0.008, plus the limited-time bonus.

Module is creating an easy-to-use platform that is meant to facilitate crypto mining and cloud sharing by users anywhere. It aims to accomplish this by taking the unused storage available on the millions of mobile devices and putting it to work by mining crypto and offering peer-to-peer (P2P) cloud data storage.

While the app is meant to be used by anyone interested in participating in the crypto ecosystem, the company is especially targeting people who want to create their own blockchain driven decentralized applications (DApps) as well as businesses that are looking for affordable, secure cloud storage capacity.

There are over two billion smartphone users around the world, most of whom have 32 GB of storage on their phones. Many never come close to using all that storage capability. That means there is potentially 32 EB of surplus storage available around the world. With Module’s solution, businesses would be able to access that storage capacity at a competitive rate, while mobile phone owners could reap rewards for sharing the storage they aren’t using anyway.

As the world becomes increasingly data driven, the demand for inexpensive, safe cloud storage will continue to grow. The app will feature client-side encryption and will have “secret sharing” capability, where sensitive information is encrypted and divided into fragmentary pieces of information that are then stored in a multitude of separate places on mobile devices.

Module seeks to democratize crypto mining capability for anyone interested in participating, no matter where they are in the world or what their funding resources may be.

“We created Module to help break up the mining monopoly in the cryptocurrency world by creating a truly decentralized system. We are achieving this by making mining mobile. Anyone with a mobile device can access our app and start earning rewards. The process will become more environmentally friendly too. As more people participate in our mobile system, the more energy efficient it will become.”, company CEO Toshiki Tashiro said.

Module’s presale begins July 16 at 12 pm JST. Learn more at