MobileGO, Xsolla Join Forces to Disrupt Game Industry

MobileGO’s token will be integrated with the Xsolla billing platform, allowing users to pay for games and purchase gaming content with MGO.


On March 23, 2018, the MobileGO team signed a partnership deal with leading online billing platform Xsolla for the purpose of integrating the native MGO token with Xsolla’s ecosystem, which boasts over 500 million active users around the globe.

MobileGO is building a multi-service eSports and gaming platform that lets users arrange tournaments, as well as create and publish content for over 2.5 billion players worldwide. Gamers will be able to pay5 with MGO tokens.

Benefits for platform users

MobileGO is one of the most promising projects in the gaming realm. With about $53 million raised in financing, the company enjoys strong community support and helps developers promote and monetize their content. Its team collaborates with IT and game-related companies, including Microsoft and Datcroft Games, to improve the eSports experience.

The collaboration with Xsolla will allow MobileGO to move up the evolutionary ladder by offering its products and services to a broader audience. For Xsolla, the partnership means expanding its cryptocurrency portfolio with a new coin. Currently, the platform supports only Bitcoin.

MobileGO has created a competitive ecosystem where players can purchase favorite games at a very attractive price. The team works directly with game developers to get better insight into their needs and problems. Since the project plans to do token buybacks, the market price of MGO is expected to grow, providing token holders with the opportunity to profit. Moreover, the company is about to add many new games to its mobile marketplace, thus boosting further the popularity of the platform.

MobileGO is very excited about the possibilities stemming from the Xsolla partnership. The team dreams of becoming the top platform for gamers, athletes, publishers, and developers, noting:

“We sincerely believe that gamers can achieve awesome things together on our platform. All of us support a common cause — popularize the gaming industry and take part in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are very proud to align the platform’s goals with the Xsolla’s strategy. Together we will give millions of gamers a convenient payment option”.

The MobileGO-Xsolla strategy

Both MobileGO and Xsolla seek to develop effective marketing strategies to expand their target audience. The teams are focused on adding cryptocurrencies to their billing systems and aim to distribute the most popular games and merchandise at competitive prices.

Xsolla will provide payment services for the MobileGO platform, as a result of which game developers, gamers, eSports participants, investors, and publishers will be able to pay with MGO tokens for over 500 game titles in the same way they do with Bitcoin.

About MobileGO

MobileGO is the developer of a decentralized cryptocurrency gaming platform where MGO is a means of payment and the pillar of the ecosystem. The team aims to make it the cryptocurrency of choice for users who subscribe to Twitch and buy games on Steam. The partnership with Xsolla will allow integrating MobileGO's gaming service with a billing platform hosted by Xsolla.

About Xsolla

Xsolla has the ambition to create the billing platform of choice for all gaming ventures. The company offers the best payment options for gamers and currently collaborates with over 200 partners.

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