Meet Kasotsuka Shojo: The World’s First Crypto Band From Japan

Meet Kasotsuka Shojo, an all-girl pop band group in Japan which means “Virtual Currency Girls.”

J-pop has crossed over to cryptocurrency!

Meet Kasotsuka Shojo, an all-girl pop band group in Japan which means “Virtual Currency Girls.” The eight-member band represents different cryptocurrencies, including NEM, eBitcoinCash, Monacoin, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, NEO, and Ripple that are represented on the fuzzy mask each members wear reports said. The group is wearing French maid costumes that are popular in Japan’s anime and cosplay circles.

The biggest curiosity about the band is indeed Monacoin, a digital asset known and traded mostly in Japan, while other coins have a worldwide presence.

The band’s leader, 18-year old leader Rara Naruse, said in a statement:

“We want to promote the idea through entertainment that virtual currencies are not just a tool for speculation but are a wonderful technology that will shape the future.”

The Virtual Currency Girls held their debut concert in Tokyo on Friday (Jan. 12), and as expected, the venue accepted only cryptocurrencies as payment. The band played their first single, “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me,” which is a take from various warnings issued by regulators in the past week. 

The song aims to educate its listeners about online securities and possible frauds. You can listen to the song here

Katsosuka Shojo is Promoting Cryptocurrencies to Create ‘Wonderful Future’

According to the group, they also want to teach the public that cryptocurrencies are not tools of speculations, but instead, they are a means to create a “wonderful future.”

During their 30-minute concert, the group explained to their fans the advantages of using virtual currencies as well as the risks involved in the technology, particularly concerns about security. The action-packed show included several skits involving the digital currency space that were acted out on stage.

One of the skits involved several girls representing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash who had a scrap over Hinano Shirahama’s (BTC) assumed leadership of the cryptocurrency world. Naruse, stated:

“The surge of Bitcoin caused various problems. To solve these, Bitcoin Cash was established, with smaller fees and quicker transactions. So I think Bitcoin Cash will replace Bitcoin at some point in the future. The market cap of Bitcoin Cash will be number one!”

Japan is also the perfect place to launch such a trend-riding group. Japan used to have the largest digital currencies trading in the world. In fact, Bitcoin is recognized as a legal tender in the country.

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The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially from the past few months, fueled by the growing popularity of Bitcoin and other altcoins. On Monday, the overall market capitalization of the digital currency space stood at $716.37 billion after hitting an all-time high of $820.6 billion on Jan. 8.

Kasotsuka Shojo is developed and managed by Cinderella Academy. The entertainment group is known as a girl band factory in Japan that manages several other pop groups in the region.