Loyal VC Invests in Tokenized Investment Platform PYNK

A Canadian-based venture capital firm adds European digital asset company to its investment portfolio.

A Toronto-based venture capital firm, Loyal VC, participated in the first round of fundraising held by the innovative tokenized investment platform PYNK. This is the first time Loyal VC placed funds in a fintech venture outside North America.

Based on a proprietary investment management model, PYNK offers unique investment products for institutional and retail customers who seek exposure to the blockchain industry.

PYNK employs AI technologies and the crowd's wisdom to find lucrative investment opportunities with optimal risk and reward balance. A global “crowd” of analysts and experts hired by the company, evaluate the potential investment returns on digital assets and produce predictions that are further analyzed by AI. This approach allows weeding out non-performers and gets the most attractive returns.

Michael Kosic, Partner, Loyal commented:

“London is the natural home of fintech. With such a strong financial services sector, we believe the team at PYNK has the potential to build a market leading fintech business, joining the likes of Revolut and Transferwise.”

PYNK considers North America as a critical region of its user base, that’s why it is happy to have Loyal VC as a founding investor.

“We are extremely excited to work with Loyal. Its structure of support and KPI led finance allows us the flexibility to grow whilst achieving mutually beneficial growth goals,” Rupert Barksfield, Co-Founder, PYNK added.

About PYNK

The London based fintech startup has recently released the alpha version of the application, with a beta launch scheduled for Q2 2019. The company helps people to invest in blockchain securely with the best risk and reward balance.

The team is led by Seth Ward, Rupert Barksfield and Mark Little, entrepreneurs with over eight years of experience in cryptocurrency mining and investing.

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About Loyal VC

Loyal VC is a venture capital company with a structured approach to managing risks.  A 'poker player' strategy’ applied to Loyal VC’s portfolio mitigates risks and allows them to get stable results.

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