Lisk News: Rebrand Will Include Completely New App, Lisk Nano and Explorer Discontinued

Lisk has been working on a rebrand this year, and their November 22 meetup revealed that the relaunch can be expected next year in February, with a new and improved platform.

Earlier this year, Lisk announced a rebrand and hired Taikonauten, a design agency, and Rlevance, a brand strategy agency, to help with the relaunch. Just like NEO’s rebranding from AntShares really helped push the project, the community has had high hopes with Lisk’s relaunch.

Since its ICO last year, Lisk has performed fairly well, and the team behind it has managed to rally strong community support. However, a majority of the people expected the relaunch to be this year, and when CEO Max Kordek, at the last Berlin meet-up, revealed a February 20, 2018 date, Lisk’s price dropped over 20% in minutes, falling to around $7, from a high of over $10.

Today, the team has revealed more details about the upcoming relaunch, and their official statement says:

“As a company, we are striving to shape the future of blockchain applications and it is our priority to make sure that our brand reflects just that.”

The key points of Lisk’s relaunch include a new brand identity, a new website and a completely updated platform. Users will get to use a new interactive Lisk app, which will have some of the features from Lisk Explorer and a new wallet. Lisk Nano and Lisk Explorer will be discontinued following the rebrand.

Additionally, the team revealed that they’re working on a completely new user experience for the Lisk Desktop and Web app, which has been a taxing task, requiring months of work. However, they are confident that the end-product will set a high bar for the rest of the industry.

Lisk will also be getting help from Expand Online, a digital marketing agency, which will assist with their new website’s architecture.

For one year, from end of May 2016 to near the end of May 2017, Lisk stayed well under a dollar, but saw a surge in June before reaching a high of just under $8 in September. After that price dropped again, fluctuating between $4 - $5, before a major rally this month took it over $10 in anticipation of the rebrand.

Now Lisk is trading around $7.50, and while a lot of people sold their tokens after the November 22 announcement, Lisk’s fundamentals remain the same, and we can expect another price surge ahead of February 20 next year.