Lisk (LSK) Launches a New Library for JavaScript Developers

Lisk announced Lisk Elements to replace the existing JavaScript solution, ahead of the Lisk Core release. An SDK is still the most popular community request.

Lisk Elements v1.0.0 brings new tools for JavaScript developers working with the project. The team behind the ambitious decentralized application platform announced the new functionality on Twitter:

The new solution will replace the previous LiskJs and is meant to be the “go-to” resource for the Lisk developer community. JavaScript is currently being used in some of Lisk’s products, most notably Lisk Hub and Lisk Commander. The major change basically does everything from scratch and rearranges the entire architecture.

Areas which have been touched include constants relating to the Lisk protocol; mnemonic passphrase management, and alignment with the BIP39 wordlists. Furthermore, the API client has been vastly updated allowing easier connectivity.

With the bigger release of Lisk Core v1.0.0 (currently available on the Testnet) coming soon, Lisk Elements is seen as a stepping stone. The team hinted at a “wave” of new products coming before the main one goes live. The new library is being released first because it isn’t dependent on any other feature.

The response to the announcement on Twitter was rather mixed, as a portion of the community believes other things are more important. The even more significant Sidechain Development Kit (SDK) is obviously the key request, but by the looks of things, it will not be coming anytime soon.

Regarding the markets, there was relatively little price action following the release. The coin was in freefall for a few days, but managed to find support around the $3.60 mark. Be sure to check our latest in-depth technical analysis, which also features LSK/BTC charts.