Lisk (LSK) Announces "The Pioneer's Vault" for Side Chain Innovation

After the rebranding, the Lisk platform seeks developers and project to show its power.

Lisk (LSK) has hit yet another milestone, as its founder Max Kordek announced the creation of "The Pioneer's Vault", a fund of LSK coins available for supporting side chain innovation.

"The Pioneer’s Vault consists of my personal LSK assets, which are reserved for investments in promising Lisk sidechain projects. I’m pleased to announce that I will personally pledge 1,700,000 LSK to this initiative," wrote Max Kordek in a recent blog.

LSK has received a boost and now trades above $30, with the weekly rally taking it 40% higher.

The LSK digital asset is also fighting for wider adoption, this time the community gathering around the Bitindia vote to list a new coin.

The results would be known in a few days. Curiously, for a European project, most of the trading for LSK happens in Asia, with a strong share on the Korean exchange Upbit, balanced by trading on Binance. LSK is also listed on an array of smaller exchanges.

At the moment, high activity in LSK trading has made the asset unavailable through Shapeshift. The tool, while suitable for beginners, holds the risk of suspending an asset without warning, thus blocking the user from selling.

The Lisk Relaunch

The promised rebranding, or a relaunch of the Lisk ecosystem, is scheduled for the end of the month. The additional mentions and attention may boost the LSK market price, at least in the coming days, in addition to the more positive mood on the markets.

But the Lisk platform has not waited for the rebranding to complete before opening up for ICOs. There are already projects in the pipeline, such as Sapiens, a platform to manage personal and academic credentials. The Sapiens project is still in the experimental stage, but has chosen the Lisk platform to run its blockchain solutions.

Moosecoin is another project, a platform for authors to manage music rights and distribution. Moracle is another interesting project, dealing with the problem of "oracles", or mechanism to supply accurate data to smart contracts. While the launch dates are unknown, the Lisk platform would only benefit, as ecosystems need ICOs to show their usability. In 2018, most ecosystem projects will face the challenge of supplying new projects on their blockchain.