Lisk: Another Bull Run as Community Grows

The Berlin-based startup has been making progress on its products and expanding its team- triggering a bull run and a "flippening" with QTUM.

Lisk has been extremely active since its ICO early this spring, and its price has risen accordingly, recovering from the slump in altcoins. Lisk has risen by nearly 50% in the past seven days, displacing QTUM by market capitalization. 

Users and fans have been extremely bullish, seeing Lisk climb to as much as 16%. The project has been active in contacting the community, organizing weekly meetups that regularly fill up. Two more meetups are coming up in November in Berlin and Rotterdam.

The project has expanded ambassadors program to increase visibility and organize events, in which community members host worldwide meetups. Until recently, Lisk had dedicated ambassadors, but now anyone from the community can apply. The program has been targeted toward Lisk enthusiasts and aims to move Lisk from more centralized promotion to a grass-roots effort.

Lisk is also expanding its team, looking for a videographer and video editor, and added four new members to its team at the end of October.

But aside from touring and riling up the community, Lisk has only made small updates on its project, adding to the blockchain explorer and improving the wallet. For now, it is unknown how useful the Lisk platform would be for building distributed apps. At the same time, Lisk is trying to rebrand itself and seek supporters in the gaming community. 

The biggest task of Lisk is to build up its platform and invite the creators of distributed apps, or daps. Lisk bets on JavaScript developers, one of the largest communities. But so far, very few real distributed apps have been built.

Ethereum is at the moment the biggest platform offering the building of distributed apps, but so far very few working projects have been built, mostly distributed exchanges. EOS is another project aiming at building distributed apps, but the first product is expected in a few months. 

At the same time, market price speculation is continuing for Lisk and similar projects, while waiting for more product announcements.