LevelNet Taps Collective Wisdom and Blockchain to Build Next-Gen Cyber Security Platform

The project is developing a peer-to-peer cyber protection network to close the loopholes in existing cybersecurity systems.

Internet technologies are booming nowadays, but every coin has two sides. Unfortunately, the same is true for hackers, who are also getting more inventive and sophisticated in chasing personal data and finances. The increasing need for cybersecurity has resulted in rapid growth for the consumer cyber security market.

However, the existing solutions come with limitations as they tend to focus on current threats, and can't keep up with new malware emerging worldwide every day. It takes plenty of time to process the information about newly identified threats and update antivirus databases before the malware reaches end users' devices.

Thus, the existing threat intelligence marketplace lacks flexibility, speed, and efficiency to address the issue of evolving cybercrime methods. Besides, the current solutions are rather expensive for consumers.

LevelNet closes the loophole

LevelNet is creating a breakthrough solution that aims to close the "window of time" that currently allows new malware to infect a great number of devices before a heavy, sluggish security system generates a response.

The project's innovative protection network is designed to evolve fast and respond immediately to any new threat. This will be possible due to the LevelNet ecosystem, which integrates existing anti-virus technologies into one user-friendly application sharing new data among all its participants globally. LevelNet will allow users to receive and exchange updates about identified cyber threats in real time to constantly improve the security and keep everyone protected.

This distributed system combines a collective approach, instant data exchange, and the use of multiple cybersecurity software applications and protection tools located not only on user device but also on other nodes of the entire LevelNet network. The combination will ensure the maximum protection level and high dynamism of the ecosystem. Besides, the subscription price for security measures offered by LevelNet will be highly competitive, with the End-Point App available for both desktop and mobile.

Meet the team

LevelNet’s founding team has over ten years of experience in developing complex cybersecurity software. The company is proud of its talents in programming, cryptology, compiler design, software architecture, binary hacking, malware design, and analysis. The software engineers of LevelNet have worked with industry leaders such as Kaspersky, FireEye, AMD, Intel security, McAfee, and Checkpoint.

LevelNet ICO details

The team has already raised $584,000 in a private sale. The pre-sale stage starts on April 20. The company plans to issue 1.5 billion tokens, with 80% of the total supply available for sale. LevelNet specifically stresses that LVL tokens do not bestow ownership rights, and all tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be destroyed.

If you want to invest in the LevelNet ICO, visit the official website for more detailed information or subscribe to the updates on Twitter and Telegram.