LeadCoin Brings Quality Hot Leads to Businesses with a Decentralized Marketplace

The LeadCoin project aims to create a decentralized marketplace for lead generation.

LeadCoin harnesses the power of decentralization to offer businesses a more efficient way of controlling their marketing spending. The upcoming ICO project aims to create a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling unused sales leads, aiming for quality content and efficient marketing.

In the current online marketing ecosystem, leads often have low conversion rates, and most are inefficient. LeadCoin aims to change that, by testing potentially successful leads, and then re-selling them in the marketplace.

“In order to encourage a fair and profitable web-marketing ecosystem, it was necessary to bring technological innovation to the industry,” says Shmulik Grizim, CEO and Founder of LeadCoin, “LeadCoin uses the benefits of blockchain to accelerate the web marketing economy and empower businesses to take back control over the quality of their marketing efforts.”

LeadCoin is developing a matching algorithm that works in real-time, in order to provide "hot leads" for sale with a higher chance of converting, and uses smart contracts to make sure those leads are then relevant to the "buying" business.

For instance, a use case of the lead generation may be a freelance photographer who receives a hot lead for a project, but is unavailable. He may choose to sell the lead to other participants in the network, who would be available to get the client. Hotels or restaurant businesses who receive requests from clients they cannot serve, may redirect the clients to similar services by selling the leads.

With customers already primed, the quality of the leads would be much better, and have a higher probability of converting. Agile, or freelancing service providers can benefit from the LeadCoin ecosystem. The LeadCoin team has ensured the cutting-edge technologies that will immediately link buyers and sellers over the Ethereum network.

Immediately after the end of the ICO, the LeadCoin project would start expanding by building a mobile app, and later integrating the projects with existing marketing businesses and other partners.

The LeadCoin offers only a small window of opportunity, with a 100-minute crowdsale on January 28. For the exact time of the launch, follow the project's Telegram channel.