Krypton Capital Launches LEVER8 to Provide PR Services for Crypto Projects

Krypton Capital, a leading early-stage venture capital company, has established LEVER8, a PR agency focused on blockchain and ICO projects.

However hot and innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency startups may be, they need a well-thought-out PR strategy, just as any other business out there. The market is over-saturated, with new blockchain ventures sprouting like mushrooms after rain and making it exceptionally hard to stand out and sell your idea.

To win the race for customers and - in case of ICOs - investors, you need to have a strong brand message and know how to communicate it to the public. This daunting task is a top priority for blockchain and crypto companies that have to deal with a low level of technology awareness, massive speculation, and information noise. In this context, a PR plan becomes as essential as a neat business idea and a quality white paper.

LEVER8 lifts the PR burden from startups as it is focused on the specific needs of cryptocurrency and ICO projects. It helps with developing a general communication strategy, building a reputation, and controlling the PR message of the company. Someone has to arrange publicity and handle information flows about the company - LEVER8 has the resources and expertise to do it smoothly and effectively.

LEVER8 provides the following services:

  • Reputation management to shape and influence company's perception in the public eye, to create favorable image and good reputation, thus building trust and credibility of the brand.
  • Crisis management to develop and implement strategies that will help deal with negative events or unforeseen outcomes of risk factors.
  • Research & analysis to know your market segment from A to Z, to be aware of your weaknesses and strengths and to stay one step ahead of the competition. Master of information, master of the situation, as the saying goes.
  • Consulting to provide your PR teams with expert advice and help find a way out from challenging situations before it is too late.
  • PR documentation development including clear PR strategy, detailed media plan and PR content.

LEVER8 has a number of thrilling projects in the pipeline, including but not limited to ASKfm (the first Q&A social network with its own internal cryptocurrency) and Younk (the first blockchain-based community label, pitched and supported by famed music industry executive Don Grierson).

Public relations in the crypto and blockchain universe requires a flexible approach. The aggressive policies of media giants like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter make it harder to run effective marketing campaigns and promote ICO projects through SMM and SEO strategies.

Speaking to Cryptovest, Krypton Capital founder and CEO Ilan Tzorya noted:

"We have launched LEVER8 to help companies that need quality PR to communicate their ideas and products, and LEVER8 is well positioned to do that."

Diana King, LEVER8 co-owner and CEO, adds:

“LEVER8 has strong ties with the right influencers, journalists, and storytellers and can create powerful PR campaign under challenging conditions. All LEVER8 team members have extensive experience in the blockchain and crypto field and deep understanding of industry needs.”

About Krypton Capital

Krypton Capital is an early-stage venture capital investment company founded in 2017 and focused on blockchain projects. Its investment portfolio consists of assets across a variety of sectors, including crypto companies, media business, and software development.

A growing team of finance and IT experts provides a broad range of services, from ICO consulting and media support to trading and fundraising. Krypton Capital has already helped clients raise over $300 million.

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