Krypton Capital Launches Krypton Trading, a Comprehensive Algo-Trading Solution for Digital Assets

Krypton Capital has launched Krypton Trading, an algo-trading company with unique technology solutions designed to maximize profits in highly volatile cryptocurrency markets.

Early-stage venture capital investor Krypton Capital has taken an important step forward, cementing its leadership position in the blockchain industry with the launch of Krypton Trading. The new project, an algo-trading company focused on advanced investing and trading techniques, aims to create a competitive market ecosystem for cryptocurrency traders.

The primary focus of Krypton Trading is on high-frequency strategies specifically tailored to deliver profitability in highly volatile cryptocurrency markets, including all forms of arbitrage trading in digital assets.

The CEO role at Krypton Trading have been entrusted to Jacob Palm, an international investment manager with extensive experience in overseeing digital asset investments for family offices in CIS countries,

Commenting on this development, CEO and founder of Krypton Capital, Ilan Tzorya said:

“We are very excited about Krypton Trading, and believe it is going to be a major step forward in the crypto trading space.”

Sharing his views with Cryptovest, Jacob Palm spoke about the benefits of Krypton Trading's innovative technology:

"We are constantly monitoring market trends to keep our software and investment solutions up-to-date and to allow our clients to benefit from the fastest execution times achieving superior return on investments as high as 98% annualized."

Krypton Trading offers a wide range of products and services, including:

  • Algorithmic Trading Robots based on their proprietary software for automatic cross exchange arbitrage;
  • OTC Trading Desk to trade large volumes of crypto assets in a fast and secure way peer to peer;
  • Token Liquidation to sell crypto assets for our portfolio companies in exchange for FIAT;
  • Exchange listings for ICOs and related market-making services.

The company pays close attention to the legal aspects of cryptocurrency trading so that it can stay ahead of potential changes in the regulatory environment and mitigate risks before they hit the bottom line.

"We seek cooperation with all market players, such as exchanges, banks, and regulators, to be able to embed Krypton Trading into the global financial ecosystem in a natural way for the benefit of our partners and investors," Jacob Palm added.

Krypton Trading launches its ICO (initial coin offering) in the second quarter of 2018 to offer private investors the opportunity to buy the world's first dividend-paying token based on HFT (high-frequency trading). The tokens will be listed and traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. In October 2018, the company also plans to launch a regulated crypto hedge fund based on HFT.