Krypton Capital Joins Blockchain Investors Consortium

Krypton Capital has joined Blockchain Investors Consortium in a bid to help create a safe and investor-friendly ICO market.

Krypton Capital and its founder and CEO Ilan Tzorya are pleased to announce the company has become a member of the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) with a mission to facilitate the development of the initial coin offering (ICO) market and help identify safe and mutually beneficial investment opportunities.

BIC was established in August 2017 by serial entrepreneur and investor Mike Costache, co-founder and managing partner of KrowdMentor, with a stated aim of helping investors survive and make a profit in the "Wild West" world of ICOs and cryptocurrency assets. Currently, there are 150 consortium members ranging from individual investors to crypto hedge funds with over $5 billion of digital assets under management.

BIC members help each other make better investment decisions by sharing the results of due diligence, which is vital in a market where nearly 20% of the projects are possible scams.  Considering that ICOs do not typically have to comply with strict regulatory requirements, investors are forced to do the detective work themselves and separate the wheat from the chaff. BIC contributes to the development of a secure and profitable environment and helps to unlock co-investment opportunities in the most promising blockchain projects.

Speaking to Cryptovest, Ilan Tzorya noted:

"ICOs are still at their early stages, thus creating a safe and cooperative investment climate is an essential prerequisite for a stronger and more mature market. Blockchain Investors Consortium offers an ideal opportunity to mitigate risks and foster cooperation between market players to weed out bad actors, which is perfectly aligned with our investment philosophy."

About Krypton Capital

Krypton Capital was founded in 2017 as an early-stage venture capital company focused on blockchain ventures. Its investment portfolio features assets across a variety of sectors, including crypto-related companies, media businesses, and software development projects. With a rapidly expanding team of finance and IT specialists, it provides a wide range of services, from ICO consulting and media support to trading and fundraising. Krypton Capital has already helped clients raise over $300 million. For more details about the company, visit the official website or subscribe to updates on Twitter and Facebook.