Krypton Capital Brings the NEXT BLOCK Conference to Sofia This September

The second iteration of the NEXT BLOCK Conference, hosted by Krypton Events, will take place in the Bulgarian capital on September 14.

Following the success of NEXT BLOCK in Kyiv, Krypton Events and Cryptovest, companies within the Krypton Capital ecosystem, are now bringing one of the most prominent blockchain industry events to Sofia, Bulgaria, to offer an unparalleled opportunity for networking, promote innovative projects and support startups in Eastern Europe.

Krypton Capital is building a comprehensive crypto ecosystem with the aim to provide blockchain ventures with everything they need for successful growth. The involvement in such landmark events as NEXT BLOCK conferences correlates with Krypton Capital’s strategic vision of promoting crypto and blockchain awareness and creating favorable conditions for the industry’s development.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Ilan Tzorya, CEO, and founder of Krypton Capital said:

"Eastern Europe is a promising region in terms of cryptocurrency and blockchain with many successful startups originating from Ukraine, Bulgaria, and other EE countries. Our NEXT BLOCK in Kyiv was a roaring success, which proves that the region needs high-quality events of this kind. We at Krypton Capital want to stay on top of the blockchain revolution and set its agenda for the years to come.”

The Next Block “Evolution of Money” conference will feature prominent technology experts, blockchain startup executives, famous crypto investors, and industry visionaries from around the world, and will provide excellent opportunities for business and networking. Over 350 participants and 20+ renowned speakers will discuss existing problems and the future development of the industry in Sofia on September 14.

Sofia practically chose itself as the event venue. Friendly financial regulation and tolerant banking policies have attracted hundreds of blockchain startups to the city, which has become one of the most vibrant hubs for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Given the explosive growth of interest towards new technologies in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe as a whole, the region desperately needs high-quality content and educational events, where the participants can extend their knowledge, get useful insights, partake in critical discussions and benefit from networking opportunities.

The overwhelming majority of famous blockchain events take place in Western Europe, Asia or America, leaving the Easter European companies and investors to contend with second-rate conferences or attend exclusive conferences elsewhere.

NEXT BLOCK in Sofia is an attempt to break this pattern and set new standards for the region while creating educational, business and investment opportunities for the growing blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

This NEXT BLOCK event will be centered around the "Evolution of Money" with the primary focus placed on the correlation and co-existence of digital assets and physical assets.

Money has changed over time: from commodities to metals, coins, and paper. Now we are witnessing a historic transition of money to the next evolutionary stage, initiated by blockchain technology. The innovations need time to mature and gain mass adoption; they require beneficial conditions and supporters to grow out of the realm of curiosity into something practical and applicable in our everyday life.

Does the new form of money have potential? How will the technology shape our future? And will it live up to expectations or sink into oblivion? We are going to seek the answers at the NEXT BLOCK conference in Sofia.

The topics for discussions will include:

  • Digital Assets vs. Physical Assets
  • Tokenizing the Entertainment Business
  • Challenges of a Crypto Economy
  • Finding the Balance Between Financial Freedom and Regulatory Oversight

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