KIN-Dedicated Kinit App Arrives in iOS App Store

iOS users will now be able to earn and spend Kin (KIN) crypto coins through the Kinit app.

The Kinit application is now available on Apple’s app store, allowing iPhone users to transact with the Kin cryptocurrency, as revealed in a Medium post on Wednesday by the Kin Foundation. Only people based in the US will be able to download the application for the time being, with more locations expected to be added soon, the organization behind the token specified in a Tweet.

Upon first app log-in, Kinit users are provided with a blockchain-based wallet. Then, they fill in a survey and get in-app Kin coins in return, which they can use later on the Kin Marketplace to buy gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, and other outlets. Alternative ways to earn Kin tokens include solving puzzles and replying to polls. One can also get Kin transferred from another user.

The addition of Kinit to the iOS App Store follows the release of the Kinit Beta App on Google Play on July 17. So far, over 15,000 Android users have downloaded the application, according to the company statement. A hint at solid user activity came from the website Kin Explorer, which indicated that Kinit had more active users than all decentralized applications (Dapps) built on the Ethereum network combined. It should be noted this data was gathered before the iOS launch.

Aside from its applications within Kinit, Ethereum-based Kin is the in-house token of the Kik messaging app. In a recent announcement, Kin disclosed it had shortlisted 40 apps for review as it searches for ways to expand the use of the token. This happened within the KIN Developer Program – an initiative to hire IT specialists to create new marketplaces where Kin can be used.

Owners of Apple devices interested in Kinit can download the app here. They should keep in mind that the app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or a later version.