Karma International ICO CEO Dylan Marer says SaaS Platform Coming Soon

Karma International ICO's CEO Dylan Marer believes Karma's upcoming SaaS platform will be a game-changer.

ICOs or initial coin offerings were all the craze in 2017, but the bubble soon burst with the bear market of 2018 and most token sale projects vanished into air just as thin as their promises. However, some projects have been working behind the scenes, powering through capital crunches, and one such project is Karma International.

Karma International focuses on organizing and delivering experiential events, which are aimed at leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who seek high-quality networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

The project is very active and the company has organized several high-profile events to date; however, CEO Dylan Marer says the best is yet to come. He acknowledged some of the delays in launching their software platform due to market conditions but is confident that it will be a game-changer once it launches.

Karma Community Network, as it is named, will work on the SaaS model and will cater to the millions of membership-based communities around the world. The software will allow these entities to facilitate their members, add new chapters, organize and coordinate activities and raise funds for their charities and events.

Meanwhile, Karma has been organizing various meetups, including Yacht parties, pool get-togethers and modeling shows for members only, who also get additional benefits and deals.

Dylan Marer also shed light on the upcoming platform, calling it a game-changer for community networks, creating a unique central hub for members to partake in high-quality events and activities securely and conveniently.

One of the most notable Karma events is the Mentor Minds series, "a cutting-edge entrepreneurship-related event, designed to introduce you to inspiring entrepreneurial experts and hear about the key elements of their successes, as well as their failures", the next iteration of which is expected soon.

We look forward to the Karma Community Network launch and will keep our readers updated on new partnerships, integrations, and events in the coming months.⁣⁣

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