Judge Seals Access to Craig Wright’s Evidence on Bitcoin Authorship

The list of public addresses proposed as evidence that Craig Wright is the author of Bitcoin has been protected with a password.

The list of public addresses and other evidence claiming that Dr. Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin has been sealed behind a password by Judge Bruce Reinhard. The evidence of early access to the Bitcoin network, potentially coinciding with the activity of the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, has been presented as part of the case of Wright against the estate of Dave Kleiman. The address list still exists in unofficial sources.

Wright’s authorship of Bitcoin has been a contentious issue in the crypto community, leading to repercussions for market prices and the loyalties of miners. Currently, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community is partial to the idea that Wright is Nakamoto and has the right to guide the future of Bitcoin, this time in the form of Bitcoin SV.

Others, who have expressed skepticism, have found themselves facing Wright’s legal threats. In the past months, he sought to dox and sue Twitter used @Hodlonaut. The influential Twitter user remains anonymous, though he hinted at returning on social media while handling a lawsuit against Wright in Norway:


Podcaster Pete McCormack, who has also been threatened with a lawsuit, has added to the evidence that Wright is not Nakamoto. In the past few weeks, Wright became very vocal about his early work on Bitcoin, with computers based in Australia.


However, a disparity was discovered, as early Bitcoin users and forum participants have seen the activity of Nakamoto as originating in continental USA, based on timestamps and possibly an IP address.

Additionally, the mystery of Nakamoto has always remained a source of claims to Bitcoin authorship. A Bitcointalk forums thread shows a personal ad from a new user, attempting to buy early Bitcoin wallets from miners. At this point, it is impossible to say which wallet belonged to Nakamoto outright. But showing access to an early wallet could be used as evidence.

Paradoxically, in one of his latest blog posts, Wright claimed that early Bitcoin mining was performed within a newly founded corporation, with block rewards being sent to addresses not controlled by Wright. This contradicts the idea that Satoshi Nakamoto has the private keys to early wallets and addresses containing the BTC block rewards.

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