JSEcoin Turns Browsers into Crypto Mining Tool

The project is developing a platform for mining coins with the surplus resources of web browsers.


The JSEcoin platform for browser-based mining has been operating successfully since April 2017. The company runs two mining pools for publishers and self-miners and has over 90,000 registered users on its web platform.

JSE’s blockchain stands apart from competitors’ because it sits on top of an ordinary browser and uses its surplus resources to mine coins. In July, the project team launched an initial coin offering (ICO) with the aim of distributing five billion JSE tokens for the platform.

Browser-mined blockchains provide hashing power through the client-side code, taking the mining process away from centralized mining pools and farms for the direct benefit of users. This mining mechanism allows excluding mining corporations from the profit distribution chain and significantly reduces the amount of electricity consumed, thus making the process green and cost-effective.

Mining rewards are distributed across a wider audience to foster the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Key features of the JSEcoin platform

  • Enables fast and fee-free transfers between users;
  • Provides handy tools for e-commerce users and webmasters, allowing them to accept cryptocurrency payments and handle online subscriptions in a hassle-free manner;
  • Offers a referral program to support the ecosystem growth;
  • Represents a self-mining tool that allows users to mine coins and generate tokens on their own devices;
  • Incorporates a publisher mining suite making it possible to place a code snippet on site and get opt-in visitors to mine.

The publisher mining suite also has a script to enable mining for visitors with ad-blockers installed.

“JSEcoin is leading the way to bridging web and blockchain technologies. Our ambition is to reach a tipping point that will lead to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency around the world,” COO David Mallett commented.

The exchange rate for the ICO is set at 1 ETH=75,000 JSE, with a 10% bonus available for early-bird investors for a limited time.

If you are interested in the project, visit the official website or subscribe to receive updates on Twitter and Telegram.