Join the First Community Police Force in the Global Fight against Scams

The project aims to use blockchain technologies to create a platform for identifying and fighting all manner of Internet threats.

With great power comes great responsibility. Along with amazing tech innovations, ingenious cybercrimes have become part and parcel of the modern Internet, attracting fraudsters of all varieties.

The world economy sustains multibillion-dollar losses due to cybercriminal activity. A special place is reserved for scammers and phishers who do not rely on malware and sophisticated technical methods the way traditional hackers do. Instead, they exploit human psychology and abuse people’s trust, and there is no 100% technical protection against such threats.

Moreover, governments and state regulators are also often helpless in this new sphere of cybercrime. The only effective way to fight such Internet scams is to be on the alert at all times, identify possible traps, and share the knowledge with the other members of the online community.

Given these challenges, the team behind the CryptoPolice project has come forward with an innovative idea – a community-based decentralized platform developed as the first non-governmental organization that aims to bring together netizens and modern blockchain/AI technologies to solve pressing questions related to fraud on the Internet.

This platform, designed as an antivirus system, will enable identifying and reporting various kinds of Internet fraud and scams, thus protecting online users and giving them a feeling of safety.  As CryptoPolice CEO Arturs Rasnacis explains, this system is "set to deliver on the main values promised by blockchains: transparency and immutability.”

“Bringing together advanced tech and the wisdom of the crowd, CryptoPolice empowers the community to get hands on with the fight against scam. In the platform, the crowd is represented by the Officers – a community of expert users that have been trained and certified at the CryptoPolice Academy."

How does it work?

Any online user can become a part of this global ecosystem by reporting any suspicious facts to CryptoPolice. The reports will be examined through a multi-level verification process, and then all confirmed data will be placed on the blockchain to be used by WatchDog, the main CryptoPolice product.

This will be a scam notification system informing users about suspicious objects and activities, and protecting them from a wide range of threats, including phishing, investment fraud, fake online stores or charities, medical or jobs scam, and many others.

The capacity for processing factual data will be significantly increased due to the application of artificial intelligence, which will also independently search online for suspicious facts. Apart from WatchDog, CryptoPolice aims to offer its users a number of other products and safety tools, such as databases of verified information on scams, valuable Internet projects, and high-quality educational materials.

The project will also address various ICO contractual risks by delivering an escrow smart contract that will enforce funds transfer from ICOs to investors upon specified events.

Finally, the platform will offer a specially designed system of incentives to reward its most active and value-adding participants for reporting and verifying information. The user reward system and the entire platform operation will be based on OfficerCoin (OFCR), the CryptoPolice token.

CryptoPolice ICO details

Currently, the project is in Private Sale mode. Public Pre-sale will be announced on June 27 after delivering the demo version of WatchDog. Meanwhile, anyone can subscribe for the whitelist and secure participation in the closed Pre-Sale with a special, 20% bonus over the Public Sale price.

The total supply of OFCR tokens is limited to 1 billion, with 510 million (51%) of them to be distributed in the ICO. The exchange rate for 1 OFCR is set at $0.060. The project developers hope to reach the hard cap of $27 million. Please note that all unsold tokens will be burned.

If you want further information about this ICO, visit the official website or subscribe to the project’s updates on Twitter and Telegram.