John Mcafee Launches Market Cap Website, ICO Support Service

This week the King of Crypto publicly announced his new and website services are now live.

John Mcafee returned to his infamous Twitter page on Wednesday to tell his 846,000 followers that the beta market cap website he and his team have developed is up and running, and includes a separate site that offers a full suite of support services for ICO startups.

According to the website, the new market cap leaderboard combines a number of existing elements from various sources with a host of innovative features like a training academy, multiple currency charting options and even tools which can help you calculate your taxes based on your current portfolio.

“Team McAfee members had a vision: to create the ultimate one-stop shop knowledge and information database regarding all things blockchain  and cryptocurrency,” the website states.

You can also access live charts via support from and receive real-time price updates, a huge benefit when compared to the static graphs and data available on the widely used CoinMarketCap website.

Team Mcafee’s new designated ICO consultancy website offers an exhaustive list of professional services, including strategic support, networking resources, web optimization and whitepaper refinement.

“[It’s] the #1 free resource for the cryptoverse,” the team insists.

This summer there is also plans to create a social networking hub on the market cap webpage to engage blockchain enthusiasts to share trading tips, advice and expertise. It will also include an incentivised leaderboard for top contributors to gain special privileges based on their content.

“Users will have the ability to make predictions on price action of cryptocurrencies and will be ranked on their ability to make successful predictions. Users with high accuracy rankings will be able to access exclusive features,” the team pledges.

This recent development is testament to the cyber security magnate’s commitment to this industry and showcases his continued efforts in creating a more connected, free and informed crypto community.