John McAfee Claims to Know Satoshi Nakamoto; Promises to De-Anonymize Bitcoin Creator

Ten years after the creation of Bitcoin, the question of who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto is more alive than ever, with Dr. Craig Wright remaining the most vocal claimant.

John McAfee, a vocal and controversial figure in the digital asset social media and communities, has pulled the trigger on a decision to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator(s) of Bitcoin. The series of tweets arrived after a constantly heating discussion around the claims of Dr. Craig Wright that he is the real creator of Bitcoin.

McAfee promised to de-anonymize the real Satoshi Nakamoto by tightening the circle of probable developers related to the project.

The controversy also got a boost from the recent series of Bitcoin SV (BSV) delistings, which were the direct result of Wright’s claims to being the chief creator of the Bitcoin code.

The BSV coin, a contentious project that first attacked Bitcoin Cash (BCH), then Bitcoin (BTC), claims to be the real reflection of Satoshi’s vision, and uses Wright as one of its idea leaders. However, the wider crypto community sees those claims as faulty, and the BSV asset has generally drifted with a low price.

After the promise of McAfee, dozens of claimants surfaced to state they are the real Satoshi Nakamoto. He also blamed Wright for the problems caused by BSV, triggering extreme market volatility and breaking down the price of BCH last fall.

What is known about Nakamoto is that he was active on the Bitcointalk forums until early 2010, afterward largely disappearing. In addition to the loss of communication, the early mined blocks with 50 BTC rewards still remain untouched. This has led to speculations that Nakamoto may have died.

It is precisely the treasure of coins, easily worth more than $1 billion, that interests those seeking Nakamoto. Currently, an owner of the wallet’s private keys could, in theory, hold the only foolproof evidence that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

In the past, communications by Nakamoto were scrutinized and recognizable for a pedantic writing style. The current claims continue to reveal a rather different style of communication, and the account of Nakamoto has been inactive on the Bitcointalk forums.

Some of the claims come from @RealSatoshiNakamoto:

For now, it is uncertain how much information McAfee has on the early days of Bitcoin. But the renewed interest in the real personality behind Bitcoin is reigniting the community and raising new speculations.

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