Issuance, Securitize Partner to Enable Security Token Issuers Access Marketing Solutions

Security token issuer Securitize partnered with Issuance, a marketing firm focused on digital securities. The deal will see both companies sharing relevant experiences.

Issuance Inc, a marketing platform focused on digital securities, announced on Monday a partnership with Securitize, a blockchain-oriented startup that helps clients tokenize real-world assets. The deal will enable the two parties to share their experience and succeed in the digital securities market.

Securitize offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that helps companies and funds tokenize their digital securities in line with the relevant regulatory requirements. The company handles the entire set of processes, ensuring compliance and providing investment management solutions during the lifetime of the digital asset. 

Issuance CEO Darren Marble commented:

“The ultimate objective of every digital securities issuer is to raise capital as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible.”

“Our partnership with Securitize will give its clients exposure to the right network of investors and increase their likelihood of funding. Conversely, Securitize offers a proven tokenization solution for Issuance clients, who seek compliant trading of digital securities across multiple markets and exchanges,” he added.

In the fast few months, Securitize has observed an increased number of client requests for deal marketing solutions. In order to handle the increased demand, the startup decided to collaborate with a company that offers such services.

Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo commented on the partnership:

“Securitize is committed to providing an end-to-end tokenization solution to our customers by creating an ecosystem of the best partners around our digital securities platform and protocol. We are very pleased to have partnered with a top firm like Issuance for such a critical and important service like marketing of the offerings.”

Securitize helps startups, funds, and asset owners issue tokens via Security Token Offerings (STOs). Several companies have already used its services, including Blockchain Capital, Coinmint, SPiCE VC, Realecoin, and

On the other side, Issuance is currently developing the technology behind the upcoming marketing platform. However, the firm is already providing marketing solution to security token issuers that want to get closer to institutional investors and crypto-oriented hedge funds.

Marble said that Issuance had good relationships with several major active investors that are mostly unknown to broker-dealers.