Issuance, Prime Trust Partner to Speed-up Security Token Adoption

The security token-oriented marketing firm Issuance partnered with Prime Trust to support the growth of the digital security space.

Issuance, a marketing platform operator focused on security tokens, announced on Thursday that it had partnered with Prime Trust, a blockchain-driven company offering custody, compliance, and financial services. According to the deal, the two companies will work together to support the growth of the digital security market.

Issuance CEO Darren Marble commented:

“The issue of trust and custody — how to safely store digital securities and other digital assets — has always been a weak point in the industry.”

“Coming out of the ICO era, investors demand reliability, safety, and trust in the burgeoning digital securities space. We are honored to partner with Prime Trust to support the increasing demand for creative SEC-compliant fundraising solutions by both private and public companies,” he added.

In an earlier interview with Cryptovest, Marble expressed his confidence in the security token space, labeling it as a megatrend. He said that we would see more and more companies turning to security token offerings (STOs) instead of initial public offerings (IPO) because being a public firm had become a burden.

Prime Trust, Issuance’s new partner, provides a broad list of solutions, such as custody and escrow, management of investment transactions, and qualified support for tokenized assets. Prime Trust’s custody services touch upon cash and non-cash assets, including company shares, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens.

The company’s CEO Scott Purcell stated:

“Our partnership with Issuance supports our mission of better serving the evolving demands of both capital markets and growing companies.”

“While we help ensure our clients execute compliant offerings from the start, Issuance steps in to fill the critical role of advising companies on how to successfully access funding and by presenting investors with desired deal flow,” Purcell added.

Issuance is currently raising funds under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The firm plans to tokenize its capital and list its digital securities on OpenFinance Network ATS, which recently moved from the beta version to full.

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